Welcome to ABHS air.  If you are looking for aerial video services, you have come to the right place.  With a little bit of information, we can help assess what your needs are and help develop a plan on how to help reach your goals.   We have years of PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO experience ranging from photoshoots to weddings to corporate events.  If you can envision it, we can help make it come to life.


Do You Need An Aerial Cinematographer?

The answer is most likely:  YES!

Aerial Cinematography is a little  more than just flying a drone.  Way More!!  If you have a drone or know someone who has one, what did the footage look like.  Exactly…..   Flying is one thing, filming is another.  Putting the two together always start out as a good idea.  Producing a final product that not only makes sense but, does not require you to shove your head in a bag to relieve yourself is no easy task.  This is not taking into account the fact that the laws in the United States are very specific.  You can find yourself in a lot of trouble with serious fines if you are caught flying in the wrong place.  Not to mention if you have an accident and or cause property  damage or even worse, someone is injured.  OH MY…..  So much to consider.  The scary part is that many (far too many) are flying illegally and have no clue as to the rules they are required to adhere to.   Ignorance is bliss until you are caught.  Then my friend it can become a nightmare real quick.  As a Client, don’t take a chance.  Its not worth it.  Secure the services of a commercially licensed pilot (FAA Part 107)  A certified pilot will ensure that clearances need to fly will be obtained and that the UAS (drone) will be operated in a safe and professional manner.

Now that the ABC and 123s have been addressed.  Ensure that all the pieces can be put togeather  in a way that meet the needs of your project.  Can they fly and film.  If the answer is yes, We still encourage you to call ABHS air and stop worrying about the details.  We got you!!


ABHS has been a Photography presence in the Atlanta area for a number of years and provide both Photography and video services.  Ranging from fashion photoshoots to weddings to sporting events to corporate events, ABHS is versatile and able to create and  combine many different genres to help visions come to reality.  Now we are taking that experience to the air.  YES Aerial Cinematography with a twist.  All we need is a few  details about your project so that we can do the behind the scenes stuff.  As a FAA certified Remote Pilot In Charge (RPIC)  we will ensure that the footage obtained can be legally used and that all safety concerns have been identified and addressed.  Please note that when contracting with ABHS air, we as the experts (RPIC) make the final decisions on the ability of UASs to take flight.  This will be nonnegotiable.  We look forward to working with you and creating beautiful imagery.

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Welcome to ABHS air we are gearing up for a very active 2018.  If you have any projects that you would like to utilize ABH air for,  contact us and book your time now.  Dates are going to fill up fast.  We look forward to working with you and making your projects come alive.


Email:  abhstudios@gmail.com  (Please include ABHS air in the Subject line and a brief overview of your project)

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